Metal Ceilings

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Metal ceilings have a wide variety of needs. For some ceiling projects, only the most robust and durable materials will suffice.

Particularly for large scale interior spaces, industrial spaces and ambitiously designed buildings, metal ceilings are an absolute necessity. We can provide the perfect blend of structural integrity, long lasting reliability, and flexibility in design and conceptual realisation.

Standard & Bespoke

We Produce Standard & Bespoke Metal Ceilings

Thanks to the unique properties of the metals we work with in our ceiling projects, we are able to provide standard and bespoke ceilings that not only look fantastic, but which are guaranteed to be fit for purpose. Our ceilings allow our clients to rest at ease, safe in the knowledge their building is well protected and their ceiling is going to fulfil its function effectively for decades to come.

Long Lasting & Extremely Durable

Indeed, long life expectancy is one of the key attributes of metal ceilings.

With the right materials and application, these ceilings will service a building for many, many years, and with minimal upkeep, will maintain its great appearance. Our recent clients have included Sainsbury’s supermarkets and John Lewis, two clients who recognise the importance of having an interior metal ceiling which need to combine a striking and consistent appearance with reliability and durability.

Flexible For Creative Designs

Metal ceilings have another key advantage to them, too – that of flexibility in design. Thanks to the malleability of metal sheeting, and the fact that it can be cut, bent, curved and rolled relatively easily, companies such as ours are able to realise a wide range of architectural visions with our
metal ceilings.

While most clients need something practical and simple, dramatic waves, curls, twists and turns are all possible and are all becoming more commonplace due to an increasingly demanding design industry. At Taylor Hart Limited, we take great pride in providing ceilings that achieve our client’s specifications, no matter how big or small the project may be.

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