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Partitions and Dry Linings at Taylor Hart

Thanks to our years of experience working with a wide range of clients, from homeowners to large commercial clients, Taylor Hart Limited is the ideal choice when it comes to all your partitions and dry linings.

Dry lining is a tried and tested system which allows expert contractors such as Taylor Hart Limited to effectively plasterboard ceilings, walls, bulkheads and feature walls of all shapes and sizes. Thanks to our expertise and the range of materials at our disposal, dry lining projects can be carried out using the right boards for your requirements – taking into account heatproofing, fireproofing, sound insulation and moisture resistance. We use durable and practical methods which ensure all boards end up being smooth, even and ready for decoration.

Over the past couple of decades, we’ve seen dry lining becoming increasingly popular with clients in this country due to its ease in application, and the fact that it is relatively simple to clean when compared with more traditional plastering methods. We implement many different methods when it comes to effective and attractive dry lining, from tacking onto timber, to more complex methods such as the dot and dab method, required for dry lining onto masonry surfaces.

Flexibility and meeting the client’s specifications is key.

When it comes to partitions and dry lining, flexibility and meeting the client’s specifications is key. Because partition walls need to be made to size and need to perform a particular function, we pride ourselves on our dedication to meeting the needs of our customers. From stud walls in offices and homes, to safety partitions and larger scale projects, we apply the same level of dedication and expertise to all we do. Thanks to a state of the art range of materials, we are able to install single and double skin partitions, partitions with or without glazing, and partitions designed to suit more particular requirements. At all times taking into consideration acoustics and harmonious designs which fit seamlessly with the rest of the structure. As with all we do, we build our partitions with appropriate materials selected for safety, durability and practicality.

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