The Best Rendering Contractors in Birmingham

Rendering is the process by which you cover the exterior of a house or building. It provides a cost-effective solution to protect most types of masonry. At Taylor Hart we provide rendering contractors in Birmingham and the surrounding areas, so that whether your project is big or small you can rely on us to bring our expertise and professionalism to the project.

rendering contractors in Birmingham

Taylor Hart – rendering contractors in Birmingham, are your first port of call for your coloured rendering requirements. Coloured rendering is a new and popular development in the rendering industry. We have a full range of colours available from a selection of manufacturers, as well as an extensive variety of finishes including scraped, scraped with Ashlar cuts, stone or textured. This ensures that whatever style you want to achieve we can help you fulfil your wishes and we always aim to exceed your expectations.

Rendering provides a very cost-efficient solution in two ways. It is a one-coat finish, meaning that the time to apply the render is reduced, therefore cutting costs. It is also virtually maintenance free, which means that you are not stuck with expensive annual costs in maintaining the exterior of your property.

Taylor Hart – Rendering Contractors in Birmingham for all your rendering needs

When you use Taylor Hart’s rendering contractors in Birmingham you can rest assured that we will listen to you. If the modern coloured render is not to your liking, we can offer the more traditional sand and cement render. We are happy to take the time to discuss exactly what you want from your rendering project so that you get the results you’re looking for.

We are renowned for our expertise in rendering in Birmingham and surrounding areas. We take the time to ensure that we keep up to date with the latest developments in construction, and we invest in training our employees so that they are the very best rendering contractors available. We pride ourselves on delivering a first class service to all our clients, no matter the scale. We ensure that all our rendering projects are completed on time and in budget.

To discuss your requirements from Taylor Hart, your rendering contractors in Birmingham and how we can help you to achieve the perfect outcome with your commercial building project or home based project, please contact us today. You can request further information, a free project estimate, or arrange a consultant call or visit. Please call 01676 522422 or visit our website at Alternatively, you can take a look at our last blog update on our innovative designs at Taylor Hart Ltd.