This product is similar to traditional fibrous plaster moulding except it is stronger and lighter, making it easier to install, more durable and repairable.

For the designer the possibilities for its application are endless, and GRG is often used in prominent places such as shopping malls, office entrance halls and supermarkets.

THL are an approved installer of this product, chiefly obtained from a leading manufacturer CEP.

Project : Waitrose Store (Cheltenham)

Architect : John Lewis Partnership

Main Contractor : Costain Construction Ltd

Project Overview

New store format for John Lewis combining their Waitrose food store with a John Lewis Homes Department store.

Installation of new metal ceilings throughout sales area with GRG feature bulkheads. Mineral fibre ceilings to staff and office areas.

SAS system 130 600 x 600mm plain metal ceiling tiles, aluminium Q grid system, feature GRG bulkheads, SAS system 150 600 x 600mm plain metal clip-in tiles.

16 weeks. Workforce varied between four and twelve men.