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Here at Taylor Hart Ltd, we continue to lead the UK market for commercial and domestic partitions and dry linings installations, thanks to our dedicated team of expert dry lining contractors, our extensive product range and our consistently high standards of customer satisfaction.

As one of the leading construction companies Birmingham has to offer, we are renowned not only for the speed and reliability of our work but also our precision and professional finish. This is because we provide our expert dry lining contractors with top of the range  equipment, including the Flextos Supercut XPM and materials sourced from trusted UK suppliers.


What Our Dry Lining Contractors Think About the Flextos Supercut

Our dry lining contractors are now able to carry out drywall and commercial ceiling installation with increased efficiency and precision, thanks to the latest industry leading technology from Flextos. The Flextos Supercut XPM is the first portable automotive milling machine which was designed to make pre-fabrication easier on site. By incorporating an automatic feeder, this machine is fast and easy-to-use and can be operated by just one man. This allows dry lining contractors to cut plasterboards to the highest degrees of precision and accuracy.

It’s innovative design not only saves time on site but also makes the task much safer for our dry lining contractors thanks to its limited dust production, simpler operation and reduced necessity for use of Stanley Knives. The standard of work produced by the Flextos Supercut XPM is consistently undistorted and smooth from the automated feeder ensuring a perfect V groove on all types of gypsum boards. This machine also leaves no dust and offers excellent price-performance value.

As one of the leading drywall installation companies Birmingham has to offer, the Flextos XPM technology is exclusively available to our team, to ensure that we continue to uphold our excellent reputation. 

Image showing the Flextos Supercut XPM mobile milling machine which Taylor Hart, as innovative dry lining contractors, use.

Taylor Hart are trusted suppliers and installers of drywall, partitioning and ceilings to a range of commercial and domestic clients, from private homeowners to large scale factories and commercial offices. Whatever the scale of your project, we provide modern and cost-effective alternative solutions to plastering which prevent the shrinkage and splitting that is common to traditional plastering methods.

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