Dry Lining Materials Taylor Hart | Restoration For Harris Arts Institute

The Institute faced an uncertain future after being sold by the University of Central Lancashire
Dry Lining Materials: Taylor Hart found it interesting that, One of Preston’s most historic buildings is set to return to an educational use.

Plans have been lodged to repair the interior of the Harris Arts Institute on Avenham Lane and turn it into an Islamic school.

The Institute of Higher Islamic Education in Bolton intend to preserve the building’s aesthetic and architectural character, according to documents submitted to the city council.

The building is grade II listed and was previously owned by the University of Central Lancashire who vacated it in 2007 due to rising running costs.

The Islamic institute want the building to be available for 16 to 19 year old males to obtain A level and degree qualifications.

Currently the Arts Institute is in a state of disrepair and nothing like the Victorian splendour it used to be in 1849 when it was completed.

Work on the buildings interior includes internal repairs, the addition of partition and drylining. Timber skirting boards, doors, windows and columns will be restored.

Read More –  http://blogpreston.co.uk/2013/03/restoration-work-proposal-for-harris-arts-institute-to-make-it-an-islamic-school/

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