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West Midlands based Taylor Hart are ideally placed to provide quality dry wall installations and service to a national client base.  Established in 1998, and with a professional team of dry wall installers, our clients can be assured of excellent customer service and advice throughout their building project.  By acquisition of various companies, our wealth of knowledge and expertise has grown and we are able to provide a variety of applications and services to both domestic and commercial clients.  Taylor Hart is the UK and Ireland distributor and installer for the Flextos Plasterboard Router machine which is revolutionising dry wall installations.

Dry Wall Installations – Taylor Hart

The router machine enables us to pre make ‘casks’ for bulkheads, partition corners, deflection heads, fair ends and circular columns, thus the casks can be produced on or off site, simply and effectively cutting plasterboard or rout to form perfect edges and corners.

With forward thinking and planning, our dry wall installation experts estimate that the boarding installation time could be reduced by up to 50%, eliminating the need for cutting and surf forming the boards whilst in situ.  Furthermore, given that the corners do not need to be joint filled, the joint taping and plastering times are radically reduced.

With its double filter extraction system, the machine significantly reduces dust during the cutting process, resulting in large quantities of dust captured within the powerful double vacuum.  As a result, operators don’t necessarily require dust masks, if preferable, however this is subject to a risk assessment.  Regardless, the overall level of dust on site is reduced dramatically, thereby offering a healthier, more pleasant working environment.  In addition, the need for manual cutting with a Stanley knife is reduced by around 75%.  Whilst a standard tool of the trade, the Stanley knife is not without its risks when cutting plasterboard, so this news comes as a welcome relief to many.

An overwhelming advantage of using the machine for dry wall installations is the standardisation of cutting throughout the project, ensuring a high quality finish.  Effective forming of corners, bulkheads, round corners and circular columns proves an invaluable benefit of the Flextos machine, more especially when a large and sometime transient workforce are engaged on a specific project.

Our clients demand high quality, precision applications and are increasingly demanding that the Flextos machine is utilised on site; our dry wall installations have received fabulous endorsements and we would like to share with you a demonstration of the machine in action at the Bouygues Thomas Vale site recently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMy9ZlZm2nE  or search “Taylor Hart Flextos”.

Available in 3 different models, the hand held can be used for a stack of plasterboard; the site mobile bench and permanent bench can be used in the workshop generally; both cut timber and dry wall.

Whatever your needs, our dry wall installers will discuss your project and specific requirements and advise you on the best application for you.

Taylor Hart would welcome the opportunity of carrying out your dry wall installation, so please call us on 01676 522422 to discuss your requirements; we are happy to answer any queries that you may have with regard to dry wall products or any other product within our range.  Alternatively, you can visit us or you can send an enquiry form if you have specific questions with regard to our products.  Our team look forward to hearing from you and are confident that you will find the quality of product, service and attention to detail second to none.

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