Drylining Companies in the West Midlands, Why We Stand Out…

Here at Taylor Hart Ltd, we are one of the leading drylining companies in the West Midlands. We are specialists in providing quality drylining for a range of clients from private homeowners to large scale factories and commercial offices. Regardless of the size or scale of a project, drylining is a modern, cost-effective alternative to traditional plastering, and is simple to install. A range of benefits come with drylining walls, such as avoiding shrinkage and splitting which is common to traditional plastering methods, and also being much easier to clean.

Partitions and Dry Linings

Drylining companies like Taylor Hart Ltd are becoming more and more popular throughout the UK. Taylor Hart Ltd offers a comprehensive array of services from drylining and partitioning, to ceiling installation and screeding. Our eye for design allows us to incorporate feature walls, curves and bulkheads seamlessly into the rest of a building’s infrastructure and turn any interior into a contemporary, open space.

We utilise a range of methods when drylining walls, from the ‘dot and dab’ method used for masonry surfaces, to tacking onto timber. The simple and less time demanding installation of drylining walls allows for reduced costs of labour. This, in addition to the cost-effective materials we offer here at Taylor Hart Ltd, ensures we can tailor design and installation to the requirements of your budget.

Drylining Companies – Create Contemporary Space with Taylor Hart Ltd

Established in 1998, Taylor Hart Ltd has amassed many years of experience and combined this with a highly skilled team, who apply meticulous attention to detail from start to finish in every element of a project. Our reputation as one of the most popular Birmingham drylining companies, stems from our extensive range of skills and high standards of client satisfaction. We possess state of the art materials, which time and time again allow us to leave sites feeling brighter, more open, and ready for decoration with smooth, seamless surfaces throughout.

Our high standards of assessment for heat-proofing, fireproofing, sound insulation and moisture resistance ensures we also only use the most durable, safe and practical materials.

We also have the capacity to install glazed or non-glazed, single and double skin partitions, and blend these seamlessly into any workspace. You can find out more about our additional services such as installation of mineral fibre ceilings, rendering, and metal ceilings by visiting our website. Call our experts today on 01676 522422 – our team are waiting for your call. You can also visit our previous blog update on ceilings and partitions.