Fibre screed for extra strength

fibre screed

Taylor Hart is a leading provider of screed flooring, including fibre screed for when traditional screeding is not strong enough. With Taylor Hart’s experienced team we can ensure that we select the correct screeding for your requirements, so that if you need the extra durability provided by fibre screed we will be able to advise accordingly.

Fibre screed has been developed as an extension of the traditional screeding. It is ideal in areas where the flooring is subjected to high stress levels, where standard screeding may not be strong enough. Fibre screed is also useful as it can be applied in a thinner layer than standard screeding, which can be useful when having to match floor heights or other such circumstances.


In situations where fibre screed may not be the correct solution, at Taylor Hart we have other types of screed available. We have the traditional screed, which provides an excellent flooring finish for all manner of environments. For areas or projects where time is of the essence we offer flow screed. Flow screed can be laid between 10 and 20 times quicker than traditional screeding. It also has the advantage that it can cope with foot traffic after a mere 36 hours, making it the ideal solution for time sensitive situations.

Taylor Hart bring you fibre screed for the toughest environment

If you are looking for a company to carry out your screeding in Birmingham, Taylor Hart is your ideal fit. We bring our wealth of knowledge and experience to every project we undertake. We spend time with our clients to listen to their exact requirements, and we understand that all needs are different and all problems are diverse. We can provide solutions to overcome any challenges that you may be facing. Once we have decided on the correct screeding for you, we will carry out the work in a timely and professional manner, delivering the high quality results that you would expect from a leading screeding company.

To discuss how our screed flooring, including fibre screed, can provide you with an ideal solution to your flooring concerns and how Taylor Hart can help you to achieve the perfect outcome to your commercial building project or home based project, please contact us today. You can request further information, a free project estimate, or a consultant call or visit. Please call 01676 522422 or visit our website. For more information on other products Taylor Hart has to offer you can visit our previous blog article about Taylor Hart being the best in Dry Lining.