Dry Lining Company | CFOA launches plan for business fire safety

Dry Lining Company

The Chief Fire Officers Association ( CFOA ) has launched a new seven-step guide to help businesses ensure their premises are fire safe.

The Business Safety Strategy 2013-16 affects all properties where there is enforceable fire legislation in place and aims to achieve the CFOA ‘s objective of a business and community sector that sees no deaths or injuries from preventable fires, bringing losses down to an all-time minimum and ensuring there are consistent enforcement and advice practices.

CFOA will ensure it is involved heavily with businesses, including those at the multi-national level to local firms, to ensure they are aware of their responsibilities and understand the regulatory framework which they must abide.

“The changes in fire safety legislation over the last two decades have resulted in differing approaches to enforcement and the advice offered to businesses has varied in a similar way,” the report says, and the document is addressing the challenges that remain in light of these alterations through the seven-step guidance.

The first priority is to promote firefighter safety and expert operational decision-making through ensuring incident commanders have the right information on the built environment.

Next, the CFOA is to compose a framework of qualifications and competence, which will affect protection officers, managers and fire engineers. Thirdly, using clear processes and appropriate staff development, the organisation will ensure legislation is applied in a consistent manner.

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