Partitions and Dry Lining Company Uses New Trappco App For Improved On Site Paperwork Productivity

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We recently had a visit from the makers of new app Trappco whilst in full swing as part of our partitions and dry lining contract with the University of Coventry. We are currently on-site with construction of the University’s new student accommodation in Bishops Gate through to the middle of next year. 


Hard Working


With any dry lining project comes the necessary paperwork. It’s the site managers job to make sure all the appropriate paperwork is completed in the correct order and in a timely manner. Whilst everyone knows it’s necessary, it’s not always a favourite part of the job!


Forward Thinking Company


As a forward thinking partitions and dry lining company, we always like to stay one step ahead and embrace the latest innovations in the construction industry that help us to streamline and improve processes. 

When we heard about a new app that was supposed to help make the paperwork process a lot easier, we decided to try it out. 

How Does The Trappco App Help Our Partitions and Dry Lining Project On Site?


Trappco is a mobile app designed to speed up the required on-site paperwork.

The easy to use App interface was created to streamline and automate the process of filling out all manner of site based paperwork. This includes Handover and Scope of Work documents to general Health & Safety Inspection Certificates. Trappco say that anyone who has a check sheet style document to complete and authorise will benefit.


Trappco Benefits


That’s a considerable claim. We’ve tried other apps for paperwork before. But the makers of Trappco have really thought about how to make theirs stand out from the rest.

For our dry lining company, it was the following features that attracted us to trying it out:

  • Being able to use our own document templates and layouts. This means the resulting documents produced by the app look like our own and not one that we have selected from a universal and general template list native to the app. 
  • The App interface can capture authorising signatures in real time, giving our documents a powerful new auditable history.
  • The usefulness of being able to associate a number images or photos with a document means they are embedded permanently in the final PDF doc, so no need for stapling print outs to documents.


Compliant & Agile


The Trappco app is already saving us time and providing a no frills, simple solution to the ever-increasing issue of completing, authorising and managing onsite paperwork. It’s helping Taylor Hart to remain both extremely compliant and agile.


Taylor Hart Site Manager, Russ Gretton, who is currently working on the Bishops Gate project and who has been trialling the app, had this to say:

Using the Trappco App saves me all of the back office admin work I used to have to do to bring together my handovers with photos etc.”


Streamlining Our Processes


He also went on to explain that the project’s overall Site Managers, Vinci Construction, are finding it useful too. Russ, who cc emails necessary paperwork to them from within the app said they are impressed with the speed at which they are now receiving the inspection documents. More importantly it is their own Partition Inspection sheet, presented as a PDF with embedded images. Meaning that Vinci no longer had to transfer the information into their own records.



Leading Dry Lining and Partitions Company


As a leading dry lining and partitions company, we at Taylor Hart are always looking for ways to work better across the board. The Trappco app is so far proving to be a great asset in that regard. Trappco have understood the conditions under which inspections are carried out and realised the time pressures that Site Managers are under to complete them. By simplifying and streamlining the process the app brings enormous productivity benefits to daily inspections and the resulting paperwork. 


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