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passive fire protection methods

Passive Fire Protection Methods: An addition of the EBL512 G3 and EBL128 systems for fire protection to the Professional Camera Solutions business unit has been introduced by Panasonic System Communications Company Europe (PSCEU).

Over 30 years of experience and designed to accommodate both large and stand alone system requirements, the EBL512 G3 is able to connect 30,600 devices through 30 control panels with 4 detector loops each, whereas the EBL128 is a smaller stand alone loop system which can connect up to 255 devices. Extra components may be incorporated within the system including Fire Brigade Panels and other display units, which may be connected to each control.

The fire alarm systems have also been integrated with the WV ASC970 virtual matrix so that fire detectors and cameras can interact. The two systems are connected via TCP/IP using the WEB-server module.
The devices may be any combination of:

  • Analogue smoke & heat detectors
  • Water proof heat detectors
  • Addressable manual call points
  • Addressable short circuit isolators
  • Addressable I/O units (inputs / supervised voltage outputs as well as relay outputs)
  • Addressable sirens / sounder bases
  • Addressable beacons
  • Addressable Intrinsically Safe (IS) detectors
  • Conventional detectors (via I/O units or via expansion boards in the control panel.)

The fire alarm systems have a set of functions that meets the most stringent requirements related to fire detection, fire presentation and measures to be taken.

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