Innovative Plasterboard Recycling Initiative From Taylor Hart

The amount of waste produced in the construction industry is phenomenal, and Taylor Hart are keen to develop new and innovative environmentally friendly construction initiatives. Currently in development is a plasterboard recycling machine, and Taylor Hart are working on bringing a partner on board to deliver this.

More and more companies are starting to embrace construction industry green initiatives and Taylor Hart is no different. When working with gypsum plasterboard, partitions and drylinings there can be elements wasted, so construction industry recycling initiatives are important. Companies also need to comply with waste regulations.

The plasterboard recycling machine could be mobile so that it can be based anywhere and reduce waste on site.

Plasterboard is made from an inner layer of gypsum that is sandwiched between two layers of lining paper. It is this gypsum layer that makes it particularly important to ensure that the plasterboard is recycled.

The reason for this is that when gypsum is disposed of with other biodegradable waste, it can produce hydrogen sulphide gas.

Currently all waste containing identifiable gypsum-based materials such as plasterboard must be separated out for recovery or recycling. This has several benefits, in that it reduces the amount of waste going to landfill, reduces the chance of toxic and odorous hydrogen sulphide gas developing, and also cuts down on the amount of gypsum extraction that is required, as more is being re-used.

The Benefits of a Plasterboard Recycling Machine

The plasterboard recycling machine would mash gypsum plasterboard to enable it to be used immediately. Old methods of working would involve using more resources, with old materials going into a skip before being transported elsewhere to potentially be recycled.

The new plasterboard recycling machine would miss out a stage, meaning that materials can be recycled into new materials immediately and be ready for re-use as new plasterboard.

Not only will this make life easier in the construction industry, but it cuts down on travel costs and carbon emissions when waste is transported to a recycling plant.

This is quite a big issue in the construction industry, which generates a lot of waste both in terms of materials going to landfill and in terms of transport costs and emissions produced in moving the waste around the country.

Both construction companies and waste management organisations are keen to reduce the high volumes of waste, increase the number of recycling initiatives in the industry, and make manufacturing of materials more efficient.

Once an investor is secured, Taylor Hart’s on site plasterboard recycling machine will help create a step-change in the industry for this particular stage in the construction process.

Taylor Hart’s plasterboard recycling machine is at the development stage and is simply awaiting investment from a partner organisation to make it happen. This green-focused initiative has been described as “forward thinking” and could be a game changer for the industry.

To find out more, or to discuss opportunities to work with award-winning Taylor Hart on this innovative project, please contact Will Hart on 01676 522422.