Rendering Contractors Birmingham for your Commercial Rendering

Rendering Contractors Birmingham – rendering for commercial property. If you own a commercial property, you know that it’s important to provide a safe and secure office (or other) building for your staff. Even when we’re talking about the exterior of a building, a person’s workplace (and how visually appealing it is) can have an impact on their morale and the quality/output of their work, not to mention any potential clients you may have visiting your building. First impressions stick, and an exterior that is falling apart won’t help your cause when trying to drum up business.

Rendering Contractors Birmingham – Coloured rendering

So why not look at coloured rendering for your commercial property? This is a recent – and extremely popular – form of rendering, and it can help transform the exterior of a building. One big advantage of coloured render is that it can be applied to most types of masonry, and it is simply a one coat finish – supplied already mixed. It is extremely durable and weather resistant, and as it lasts so long, it is a cost-effective way of rendering your property. It is quick to carry out, and once done, it is virtually maintenance free. The finish is decorative, and the best part is that it comes with a ten year guarantee, so you know it’ll be a while before you have to even think about spending any more money on it. Other advantages include the range of colours available, and the range of manufacturers and finishes. The rendering can be scraped, scraped with Ashlar cuts, stone or textured.

Of course, there are other types of render available, including traditional sand and cement render, which can be mixed on site or ready mixed. These types of render will require a finishing coat of external masonry paint.

Rendering for your commercial property needs…

Warwickshire-based Taylor Hart Ltd can offer you a wide range of rendering for commercial property options. Founded in 1998, the business offers a variety of services outside of rendering, including: partitions and dry linings, screeding, metal ceilings, structural stud, plastering, and passive fire protection. They work for clients in all sectors of industry all over the UK, priding themselves on their commitment to a project, their teamwork, and their high standards of service.

To find out more about rendering (or the other services mentioned above) contact Taylor Hart Ltd today. Their experts can advise you on the rendering for your commercial property options for your building, and will give you all of the information you need in order to make your decision.

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