Create beautiful spaces and designs with a metal ceiling

Taylor Hart can provide expert advice, encompassing all aspects of design, architectural or technical knowledge required to create stunning and unique spaces for public and private use.  A metal ceiling can be designed to comfortably be incorporated into any building or space, creating an aesthetically pleasing and sympathetic feature.  

Whether you are adding to an existing structure or creating a completely bespoke design, metal ceilings can be used to offer flexibility in design; creating curves, bends, angles in all manner of shapes and sizes, given the unique features and workability of the metal sheeting.  Fully integrating with the surroundings, metal ceilings can be used to complement the existing walls and ceilings, using either standard or non-standard modular sections, creating a seamless addition.

A metal ceiling will provide you with a durable, long lasting ceiling, with minimal maintenance.  Improving acoustics whilst at the same time, providing protection against fire, thus ensuring the safety of the public, visitors and employees.  Discreetly concealing pipework and cables, and accommodating standard or bespoke lighting, a metal ceiling can offer a unique solution to your design.

Exceptional workmanship, to budget and on time, a metal ceiling with Taylor Hart.

A metal ceiling can be an extremely cost effective choice.  On site labour costs are greatly reduced given the ease and speed with which the ceilings can be installed.  Taylor Hart will provide you with a high level of customer support throughout your project, from the planning stages through to completion, making sure that your finished project is produced to budget and on time.  Our team deliver a first class product, with exceptional workmanship, gleaned from many years of experience, training and qualifications.

Call our expert team today on 01676 522422 to discuss your requirements.  We are happy to answer any queries with regard to metal ceiling products, or indeed any other product within our range, including mineral fibre ceilings. Alternatively, you can check out our previous blog update on dry lining companies and how they provide a cost effective alternative to traditional plasters.

We look forward to working with you; our team are waiting for your call and are confident that you will find the quality of product and attention to detail second to none.